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Realm Royale: Squad Tips, Tricks and Strategy Advice


Our Realm Royale Squad Tips, Tricks and Strategy advice page contains a number of pointers which’ll help you and your squad on the way to achieving those all important Crown Royales.

Realm Royale’s at its best when you’re playing a bunch of other like minded players. The already frantic nature of fights ramps up even more when you’ve got Assassins, Hunters and the like flying around flinging arrows and teleporting all over the place.

It’s wonderfully chaotic, but most matches have an organised chaos to them (some of them at least). Communication and coordination between teammates is key to success as a squad, and there’s a surprising amount to think about when the going gets tough.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll highlight a few key things to think about when you’re playing as a squad. As we’ve said above, you’ll notice a theme of communication running through the tips below. So long as you’re all on the same wavelength throughout a match, you’ll significantly increase your chances of winning fights, getting geared up and ultimately winning a match.

When you’re done here, make sure you check out our core Realm Royale guide as it contains all sorts of articles which’ll help you get better at the game!

Squad Tips and Tricks

Here’s some key advice for when you’re heading into a squads match in Realm Royale.

  • Communication is absolutely vital if you want to succeed as a squad. Spot someone in the distance? Relay this information through the compass, let your teammates know what class they are and what direction they may be heading in.
  • Never assume that an enemy is on their own as it’s squads after all. Always keep an eye out for their teammates as they could be just around the corner.
  • Try and make use of the time you’ve got in the pre-game lobby to discuss tactics. Sort out where you’re going to land and whether you’d like to play aggressively or patiently.
  • Pick a wide range of classes that’ll complement one another, so you’re not just a one-trick operation that only excels at one thing. Having a wide range of abilities will give you much needed versatility when it comes to team fights.
  • When you’re looting, make sure you call out what you’ve grabbed, left behind or disenchanted. If you don’t need any more healing or armour potions, check if anyone else could make good use of them – the old adage, sharing is caring couldn’t be more relevant here.
  • It’s good to stick together when you’re traversing the map, but don’t form one big clump as it’ll make you much more vulnerable to splash damage from explosive abilities.
  • Get on the flank and be creative when fighting. You’ve got allies so coordinate a plan of attack before picking fights!
  • If you’re in a firefight and your teammates are getting picked off left, right and centre it’s best to play for yourself instead of attempting to protect your friends. You can’t revive a teammate anyway, so focus on keeping yourself alive above all else.
  • Remember that you can forge multiple items simultaneously!
  • It’s important to prioritise gearing up at the forge before you start reaching the final few circles as it’s safe to assume that your opponents will be rocking the best stuff. Get disenchanting, seek out Forges and work together to collect those Legendary weapons and armour pieces.
More Realm Royale guides

That concludes the first edition of our squad tips guide, but we’ll expand on it over time as the game evolves. Stay tuned!

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