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Barrier Fiora deck list guide – Open Beta – Legends of Runeterra (March 2020)


Here's how to pilot this barrier-centric deck.

Our Barrier Fiora deck list guide features the best Legends of Runeterra deck list for the open beta (March 2020). Our Barrier Fiora guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

If you’re looking for a rundown of the best decks Legends of Runeterra has to offer, check out our Legends of Runeterra Best Decks page!

If you’re after a deck that’s definitely going to grind your opponent’s gears, then this Barrier Fiora wombo combo is the one for you. It’s all about hitting your minions with Barrier and Lifesteal buffs at the last minute, taking your opponents by surprise and most importantly, keeping your units alive and your Nexus’ health topped up.

We’ve found this deck is highly reliant on drawing Shen or Fiora for the easiest ride, but even if you don’t, it still has plenty of tricks to help you cross the finish line – it’ll just require patience and a touch more forward-thinking.

Here’s the latest version of the Barrier Fiora deck, and we’ll keep you posted if it changes in the future.

Ionia Demacia
3 x Greenglade Caretaker 3 x Fleetfeather Tracker
3 x Shen 3 x Brightsteel Protector
3 x Single Combat
3 x War Chefs
3 x Fiora
3 x Prismatic Barrier
3 x Relentless Pursuit
3 x Riposte
3 x Vanguard Bannerman
3 x Radiant Guardian
3 x Swiftwing Lancer
1 x Brightsteel Formation

Select and copy the long ID string below, then click ‘Import Deck’ in Legends of Runeterra’s Collection to export this deck into your game.


General strategy

If you draw Shen or Fiora early, you’ll have a clearer win condition – give Fiora barrier, keep her alive, level her up, and secure four kills. Otherwise, you’ll need to be a bit more conservative with the units you play, when you play them, and when to give them Barrier. Things can get a bit hairy sometimes, especially with your health total, but it’s a deck which often outlasts the worst and can snowball out of control once the opponent has nothing left.

The only times you’ll really struggle are against Shadow Isles decks with kill cards like Vengeance and Ruination. Also, Aggro Elise decks which pile on the pressure early can bring you down to a very low health total quickly, so success against these decks is heavily reliant on your card draw.

Early game: You will want to Mulligan for Fiora or Shen, so reserve a slot for them if possible. Greenglade Caretaker is a great early deploy as she’ll ramp us as you play barrier. Any low cost Barrier spells are also a must for the early as it’ll help you survive, and hopefully level your champions too. Brightsteel Protector’s also brilliant for a low cost surprise, and for getting a minion on board.

Cards like Fleetfeather Tracker, alongside Ki Guardian can help you survive, clear the board and hopefully increase your chances of drawing some more spells. As you move into the midgame, Laurent Challenger can also help you clear minions, but ideally you’ll want to slap Barrier on him so he can also generate more challenger units to help you control the board.

Mid game: Hopefully you’ve staved off the early game pressure, so much so, this is where you can begin ramping up. Vanguard Bannerman buffs up your whole board, whilst Swiftwing Lancer allows you to use Challenger on enemy units and simultaneously generate value in hand.

Combine Single Combat with Riposte or Spirit’s Refuge to clear big minions safely, and if you’ve got a Shen on deck hopefully he’ll level too. Ideally you’ll want to give your Fiora these buffs to push her win condition, but don’t worry if you can’t, just slap them on your other units to keep them alive and yourself in the match.

Late game: If your game has dragged on, try and get multiple Yusari on the board for unblockable face damage. Your Brightsteel Formation is massively powerful too, giving every single unit you have Barrier when it’s played, as well as with every attack. Rallying with Relentless Pursuit can catch your enemy off-guard with this, so you could sneak in a cheeky victory.

It’s really a case making your enemy over commit, before surprising them with a Barrier. If Shen’s levelled, play him out alongside Fiora to pile on the pressure, but do be wary of any kill spells. Simply keep doing what you’re doing, and eventually your enemy will run out of options. You’ll keep hitting the Nexus with your Barriered-up units, or hopefully find lethal with Fiora.

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Barrier Fiora Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to make the best possible start with Barrier Fiora:

  • 1. Either Fiora or Shen are great to keep hold of as they’ll significantly increase your early to mid game power. It also eliminates the risk of never drawing them, and maximises your chances of levelling them up right from the get go.
  • 2. Fleetfeather Tracker is also a fantastic low cost unit who’ll help you control the board early on.
  • 3. Brightsteel Protector goes nicely with many of your units, but can help keep an important unit alive or even tip your Fiora or Shen into level up territory.
  • 4. Prismatic Barrier makes for a strong deny if used when the enemy has no mana left, and again – can help keep your units alive, while your opponent suffers.

Barrier Fiora tips, combos and synergies

Here’s a quick overview of a few things you might want to watch out for when you’re playing this deck.

– Remember that Ki Guardian’s Barrier persists across rounds so long as you don’t play the card out. Of course, once you’ve played the card, it’ll fizzle away after one round as per usual. We’d recommend slapping this on a Challenger card in the hopes you can play it out next turn, or on your Shen to get his level up condition rolling.

– If you really want to pile on the pressure, sticking Barrier on Laurent Challenger multiple times can net you a number of handy Challenger units. It’ll likely force a spell or two out of the enemy to deal with him, in which case, it’ll be worth it!

– Stick Greenglade Caretaker on the board turn one, keep them alive, and you can quickly turn her into a monstrous unit.

– We wouldn’t recommend challenging enemies as Yusari all the time. We’ve found greater success leaving him to hit face and forcing the enemy to reply. If they do, grant him Barrier and his high attack damage will likely take them out.

Single Combat is brilliant when combined with the likes of a 5/2 Scaled Snapper. Even better, chuck a Barrier on a friendly unit before Single Combat and you could kill off a unit without taking out your own.

– Use Inspiring Mentor to buff your Elusive minions if possible. They’ll get a bunch more value from the extra power because of how much harder they are to remove.

– Whenever you’re playing against Shadow Isles, be wary of playing out your Shen and Fiora at the same time as spells like Vengeance and Ruination can ruin your day. It’s best to keep one in the locker, or at least have some tricks up your sleeve so you can bounce back immediately if the enemy pulls the trigger.

– Use Spirit’s Refuge on a beefy unit to maximise the amount of lifesteal you’ll be gaining.

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