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Lux Control deck list guide – Open Beta – Legends of Runeterra (March 2020)



Our Lux Control deck list guide features the best Lux Control deck for the open beta season of Legends of Runeterra. Our Lux Control deck guide contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

If you’re looking for a rundown of the best decks Legends of Runeterra has to offer, check out our Legends of Runeterra Best Decks page!

This is one of the slower-playing decks in the meta at the moment. You’re trying to make it as late on as possible to take advantage of Lux’s buff and Karma’s Enlightened ability.

Because of this, there’s quite a lot of planning ahead that goes into playing Lux Control. Hopefully, we can help you out with it and make things that little bit simpler.

Here’s the best Lux Control deck at the moment, and you’ll find some tips and tricks below it.

Demacia Ionia
2 x Chain Vest 2 x Health Potion
2 x Purify 3 x Emerald Awakener
2 x Single Combat 3 x Shadow Assassin
2 x Laurent Protege 3 x Twin Disciplines
3 x Prismatic Barrier 3 x Deny
3 x Stand Alone 3 x Karma
3 x Lux
3 x Remembrance
3 x Judgment

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


General Strategy

To succeed with this deck, you’ll need to play reactively. Let your opponent take the front foot and deal with them as and when you can. You could end up getting overrun early on, but you’ve got infinite value for the late-game, so surviving that long is your ticket to victory.

Early Game: You don’t have a lot of units to play in this deck. Your two champions are here, but aside from them you’ve only got 8 units to pull out, none of which are particularly strong in the early game. You’ll be able to block Elusive enemies with Shadow Assassin at least, and Laurent Protege can help you get rid of threats if necessary.

It’s well worth using Stand Alone on early units to get a few extra blocks in, which will be vital to survival against aggressive opponents. Keep whatever units you can alive with Prismatic Barrier and Chain Vest, and Purify scary enemy followers like Fae Bladetwirler.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you can play Remembrance on turn 3 for 6 mana if you haven’t played anything yet, giving you a decent way to catch up and get a unit on the board if you need to.

Mid Game: Your Champions will need to hit the board if you want to stabilise. Karma gives you value every turn, and Lux starts with Barrier, meaning you’ll be able to block without her dying immediately. After Lux is played, you can start spending mana on spells.

Once she’s upgraded, you’ll have reliable removal tools with her Final Spark, which will also begin chipping away at the enemy’s Nexus. Karma’s constantly generating spells give you an easy way to activate Lux’s ability regularly too, as well as directly making an impact on the board.

Twin Disciplines, Deny, Prismatic Barrier and more can all be used to keep your Champions alive, and it’s worth doing, since they’re pretty big win conditions.

Late Game: If you can survive this long, you might be home free. Judgment is a good way to bait out an entire board clear, and once you become Enlightened (have 10 mana gems), your Karma will upgrade, doubling your spells cast. Emerald Awakener will also turn into a 6/6 with Lifesteal, meaning you’ll likely be able to stabilise and shut your opponent out of the game. We found folks began surrendering at this point – your victory becomes a matter of time.

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Lux Control Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to hold on to at the start of a match to avoid dying to aggro:

  • 1. Stand Alone is important to keep hold of against aggressive decks, and can really boost your chances of survival.
  • 2. Laurent Protege can use its Challenger ability to pick and choose enemy units to take out – focus on early powerhouses like Elise or Greenglade Caretaker.
  • 3. Shadow Assassin helps defend against aggressive Elusive-based decks, allowing you to block otherwise unblockable units.

Lux Control tips, combos and synergies

Below we’ve put together a handful of tips to help you pilot this deck effectively. As the meta develops, we’ll keep things updated, so stay tuned for all the latest!

Chain Vest can be cast in the middle of combat, potentially saving an early unit from an untimely demise.

Emerald Awakener might be needed early in the game as a simple blocker. It’s all very well waiting to reach 10 mana gems for that +4/+4, but you might not survive that long.

Karma doubles up spells cast if you’re Enlightened (at 10 mana gems). This means your Final Sparks, generated by Lux, will deal extra damage to the enemy unit or Nexus.

Remembrance is conveniently priced at 6 mana, giving you an immediate Lux upgrade when cast. Remember though, if a friendly unit has died on the same turn, the spell will be discounted, meaning you won’t fully trigger the effect.

Judgment lets you strike all battling enemies without getting struck yourself. This means you can save yourself from lethal by blocking and casting Judgment on a unit with solid attack power – even one of your Champions.

– After Deny’s nerf, it might be a bit tougher to squeeze into a turn – keep 4 mana spare if you expect an enemy spell to come in.

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