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Pokrovac’s Discard Aggro Draven deck list guide – Open Beta – Legends of Runeterra (February 2020)


Here's how to play this aggro deck.

Our Discard Aggro Draven deck list guide features the best Draven deck for the open beta season of Legends of Runeterra. Our Discard Draven deck guide contain’s Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

If you’re looking for a rundown of the best decks Legends of Runeterra has to offer, check out our Legends of Runeterra Best Decks page!

Draven’s one of the trickiest champions to master in Legends of Runeterra. He’s a strong early to mid game presence, with a seriously strong aggro presence, but works primarily off discarding cards in hand. This makes him difficult to synergise with, as you don’t want to be throwing away anything valuable.

We’ve based this deck on Pokrovac’s (first player to ever reach Master rank), so it should give you the tools to play Draven effectively and secure victory early. Below we’ve broken it down for you, so you can get a better idea of how to pilot this deck effectively. Keep an eye on this page for further refinements or entire reworks as the meta develops!

Here’s the Discard Aggro Draven deck Pokrovac’s running, and you’ll find some useful strategy advice just below.

Noxus Piltover and Zaun
2 x Legion Rearguard 2 x Rummage
2 x Rummage 3 x Jury Rig
2 x Draven’s Biggest Fan 2 x Sump Dredger
2 x Blade’s Edge 1 x Scrapdash Assembly
2 x Trifarian Gloryseeker 2 x Mystic Shot
2 x Legion Grenadier 3 x Flame Chompers!
3 x Chump Whump 2 x Academy Prodigy
1 x Reckless Trifarian 3 x Get Excited!
2 x Draven 3 x Jinx
1 x Culling Strike 2 x Chempunk Shredder
1 x Darius 2 x Augmented Experimenter

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


General Strategy

As the name of this deck implies, you’ll need to get aggressive early and push for face damage right off the bat. This makes it quite a risky deck to play, and you’ll find control matchups frustrating to play against. However, if you play it right, you’ll bash your way through defences, set up big damage and destroy the enemy Nexus before they can ramp up.

Early Game: Early game you’ll want to get Draven’s Biggest Fan on the board. This way you’ll draw him early and can apply pressure as soon as possible. Blade’s Edge and Culling Strike can be used to control the board and set up some gateways for early damage.

If possible, you want to be getting your Reckless Trifarian and Sump Dredger on the board too. They will be tough to deal with early on, and will free up mana for later turns where you may want to use your spells to clear the board, or play out bigger units.

Remember that your Jinx and Draven have Quick Attack, so your opponent’s minions will take damage first if they are blocking.

If your mulligan hasn’t gone too well, a quick Rummage can help too.

Mid Game: During the midgame, you’ll want to be whipping out your Jinx, and ideally, Darius too. It’s then a case of stepping on the aggression and playing out your cards to either empty your hand for the Jinx level up, or cycling through your deck with Rummage and Augmented Experimenter for aggro options.

Make sure you’re not emptying your hand recklessly, but focusing on what cards play off each other optimally. For example, Flame Chompers will hop onto the board when discarded, and it’s often best to play out units like Chempunk Shredder instead of discarding them.

Be wary of blocking with your units, and don’t be afraid to take some damage if it means saving them for your attacking turn.

Late Game: Ideally, you want to get Darius on board and levelled up as he’ll provide a tonne of pressure. Play him out and your opponent will have to respond or take some serious damage.

If you’ve got Jinx on the board, empty your hand! Augmented Experimenter is a great tool for this, and guarantees that you’ll have some cards on your next turn too. Rummage isn’t quite as good, but if you’re struggling for choice, play it.

Any remaining Draven’s Biggest Fans can be used to guarantee a lovely Whirling Death if you’ve already got him on board, which can be great at clearing big minions and saving yours.

Keep applying pressure and forcing your opponent to block or use up resources. If it’s depleting your hand, use Rummage or Augmented Experimenter to rifle through your deck for more aggro options like Reckless Trifarian! Trifarian Gloryseeker is a great example of a card which’ll pave the way for some hefty face damage if the opponent doesn’t get rid of them.

More essential Legends of Runeterra guides:

Discard Aggro Draven Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to nab at the start of each match with this deck:

  • 1. Draven’s Biggest Fan: Cheap, and guarantees you’ll have a Draven waiting for you on the next turn.
  • 2. Culling Strike: Strong board control and can deal with most champions early.
  • 3. Flame Chomper: Synergises really nicely with any discards you have, and can help guarantee face damage.
  • 4. Legion Rearguard: By no means essential, but a great minion to get on the board quickly for strong early game pressure.

Discard Aggro Draven tips, combos and synergies

Below we’ve put together a few quick tips and tricks to help you play this deck effectively. As the meta evolves we’ll update this section, so stay tuned for all the latest!

– Play out your champions early if possible as it’ll apply pressure quickly and give you a better chance of levelling them up fast.

– If you have a Jinx on board, Augmented Experimenter is a great tool for an easy level up. Don’t worry too much if you’ve discarded some strong cards, you’ll still draw three, and should happen upon some decent aggro options anyway.

– Flame Chompers are easily summoned with your Spinning Axes, or other discards. They’re also fantastic for reeling in enemies so you can sneak in big damage around them.

– You can’t afford to wait around otherwise you’ll slowly lose hold of the aggro. Don’t be afraid to keep up the pressure by cycling through your deck with big discards and draws.

– Blade’s Edge and Culling Strike are great clearing tools which can deal with small blockers. This will enable you to safely get your champions on board early, and hopefully secure some damage too.

– Get Excited is especially useful for batting away enemy champions or beefy champions while hopefully discarding something which’ll generate you a minion, for example, Flame Chomper!

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